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WOPI in brief

WOPI is a psychometric toolbox for setting up integrated competence architectures in organizations. The architecture's main pillars are competence drivers and competent action. The main tools are WOPI for measurement of competence drivers, WOPI360 for appraisal of competent action and WOPI-C for measuring competence culture.

WOPI tools
Competence drivers are the inner "driving wheels" of competent action. Knowing them helps in recruiting people who will turn out the desired kind of competent action. As broad, long-term guides of behavior, such drivers offer an excellent starting point for training, guiding and coaching people toward self-directed competence development. WOPI360 is in turn used in appraising action already carried out and "timed" through perceptions of people working around the manager or professional. WOPI-C is used in mapping out organizational culture, the soil conducive to blossoming of competence.

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