WOPI360 - Competent Action

A 50-item questionnaire for appraising managers' and non-managers' competent action. Administered by the target person himself or herself as the organization's service to its personnel (pulse-check) or appraisals can be run by external administrators. The main output shows top strengths and development points across five competence areas. Free fields for giving credit and improvement suggestions.

Independent action
Focused and quality-oriented
Efficient and results-oriented
Sets direction and leads action
Inspires and leads thoughts
Resources and equips others
Communicates and creates contacts
Guides and advises others
Listens to, and serves others
Planning & problem solving
Existing processesNew processes
Approaches through facts vs. ideas
Perceives with focused vs. broad scope
Solves in standard vs. creative manner
Implements with caution vs. risk
Prefers stability vs. change

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