WOPI - Competence Drivers

Are you an Independent performer, Leader or Collaborator? Is your strength in supporting existing processes or creation of new processes? Are you more fit to stable or mobile work environments? Work Personality Inventory (WOPI) is a 224-item, standardized self-report questionnaire for measuring motivational, thinking and attitude drivers of altogether 14 Basic competencies. WOPI builds on D.C. McClelland's "Three Big" motivations as drivers of work roles and action patterns, on ways of thinking as drivers of planning & problem solving and on attitudes as drivers of viewing.

WOPI is used in recruitment and coaching of individuals and teams. The focus on drivers enables long-range predictions of behavior as well as initiating self-directed development processes. Teams can be viewed as strategic competence units. See below, example profiles in pdf.

Work role
Independent performer Leader
1. Focuses,
seeks quality
2. Competes,
seeks results
3. Sets direction,
leads action
4. Inspires,
leads thoughts
5. Communicates 6. Guides 7. Listens
Planning & problem solving
Existing processes New processes
8. Approaches through facts vs. ideas

9. Perceives with focused vs. broad scope

10. Solves in standard vs. creative manner

11. Implements with caution vs. risk
Viewing the world & oneself
12. Stability vs.
13. Realism vs.
14. Self-reflection


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