Sense into people processes

Instead of spending time and money on passing fads and single cures, organizations should in the age of digitalization build sustainable and integrated people processes. Basic competencies serve as agile building blocks for all work, workers and work groups. Make them the core of your HRD processes using tools that speak the same language, toward a common goal.

In our cloud-based and multilingual HRD toolset, WOPI measures competence drivers, WOPI360 measures competent action and WOPI-C measures competence culture in the organization - the backbone of talent management enabling sophisticated HR analytics.

Basic competencies

The goal of WOPI tools is to foster 14 Basic competencies, good ways of doing things in different jobs. Every job can be profiled by its desired Basic competencies. People can be matched to jobs with corresponding competency drivers. What is your job's desired competency profile - and your own match to it?

Independent action
1. Focused and quality-oriented
2. Competitive and results-oriented
3. Setting direction and leading action
4. Inspiring and leading thoughts
5. Communicating and creating contacts
6. Guiding and advising others
7. Listening to, and serving others
Planning & problem solving
Existing processesNew processes
8. Fact vs. idea orientation
9. Focused vs. broad perception
10. Standard vs. creative solutions
11. Cautious vs. risky implementation
12. Emphasis on stability vs. change
13. Emphasis on realism vs. optimism
14. High vs. low self-reflection

Focused competencies

Focused competencies cover specific topics at work and are driven by combinations of drivers. Coaching in them can be enhanced with particular 50-item questionnaires on team and leader roles as well as learning and stress-coping styles.

Team roles - team leader, controller, collaborator, specialist, idea generator
Leadership roles - direction setter, administrator, participator, coach, change agent
Learning styles - seeking, observing, modelling, applying
Two-phase model - creation + implementation; driven by thinking, motives, attitudes
Work wellbeing
Personal protections & vulnerabilities - optimism, burnout prospects, etc.
Personal styles of coping with stress - direct action, interaction, planning, detachment, self-focus


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